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Change Username

Unfortunately members aren't able to change their username. This is to prevent confusion to other members that already know you by your current username.

Alternatively you may delete your account and create a new account with your desire username.

Change Email

To change your linked email address...

Account Home Settings Change Email

Please Note. Your new email address must be verified before you'll be able to continue using the associated account.

If you've forgotten your email address then please contact our support team.

Change Password

All passwords are encrypted and is unable to be obtained or viewable.

To change your password...

Account Home Settings Change Password
For security, you will have to enter your current password to be able to change to a new password.

Forgotten Password

If you have forgotten your password then please follow the "reset your password" instructions on the login panel.

Login Forgot Password
An email along with instructions and link to reset your password will be sent to your email address.

If you have forgotten your email address then please contact our support team. Under no circumstances can support team change or send your current password.

Stop Receiving Emails

To opt-out from email notifications...

Account Home Settings Notifications

You'll be able to set which alerts you would like to be notified while offline by email.

Please note the only way to stop receiving notifications is to opt-out from your account settings. Our support team is unable to opt-out for you.

If you have forgotten your username or password please refer to Change password.

Delete Account

While we don't like to see our members leave us, we do understand that some times you have to.

To suspend or delete your account...

Account Home Settings Deactivate Account

Suspending Account

Suspending your account is similar to deleting it but with the option to reinstate your account at a later date with everything still intact. While your account is suspended, you will be unable to communicate with other members or become visible within search results. This option is preferable if you wish to take a break from AAC and have intentions of returning.

Delete Account

Deleting your account removes it permanently. Once you delete your account, you'll be unable to reinstate it, meaning gone for good. Your username will also be re-available to upcoming members.

Under no circumstances can our support team delete your account.

If your account is Suspended or Banned please refer to Account Suspended / Ban.

Account Suspended / Banned

If your account is suspended or banned, it will generally tell you the reason why the next time you try to login.

Some of the most common reasons are due to Spamming, Misconduct Behaviour and Fake Accounts.

Our anti-spam filter will automatically flag your account for spamming. Also a report from a number of members regarding your account will also automatically flag your account for misconduct. We will review and take action depending on the scenario.

If you think your account has been suspended or banned by mistake please contact our support team. Before contacting support, please take the time to read over our site policies regarding the reason for your suspension or ban eg Spamming, Misconduct Behaviour and Fake Accounts.

Your account will be reviewed and only be reinstated at our discretion.

We do not allow you to create new account if you've previously had an account suspended or banned. We do hope all our members have good intentions and we strive for a friendly interconnected community while trying to keep it safe and clean. Abusive and immoral intentions is not welcomed on this site.

Account Verification

Verifying your profile is a great way to make other members feel confident about your real identity and would help improve your chances.

To verify your account...

Account Home Verify Account

Acceptable Images

We currently only accept Drivers License, Proof Of Age Card and Passports

Image must be clear and fully readable (see example). If an image contains any blacked out areas, it will automatically be rejected.

This photo will not be visible to other members and is used for administration purposes only. Please note, that atleast 1 photo needs to be uploaded to your private or public gallery for us to compare against and your face needs to be clearly visible. Only drivers license, proof of age card and passports are accepted.

Photos must be below 8 MB, above 400px width and above 400px height. Allowed types are gif, jpg, jpeg, png.

Suspicious Member

Q: Why am I seeing this message when their profile states they are from Australia|New Zealand?

Warning! Our systems has detected that this member may not be located in Australia|New Zealand. Proceed with caution

A: If a members profile is showing this message then it indicates that they may be using our site from a device outside of Australia|New Zealand. While they may have a valid reason for this eg. recently travelled overseas, VPN, Proxy etc. It is good to be mindful about what their intentions are and it is common practice for scammers and spammers from other countries to target dating sites to lure vulnerable members. Never give out personal details, passwords or credit card numbers to anyone! and for sake of security, please keep communication within our site and avoid contacting by email or 3rd party applications as this can lead to unsafe actions.

So in short, while this member may be legitimate, we suggest you proceed with caution and be mindful about how you interact with other members. If you find a member being suspicious, then please Report them by visiting their profile page then clicking report.

Contact Request

A contact request is a handshake between two members. The other member needs to accept said request before contact can be established. Any member can only send a limited number of contact request each day so we recommend you use them wisely.

Sending a contact request...

Member Profile Request Contact

Once the contact request has been sent then the receiving member will be notified and have the option to accept or deny.

Send a Message

To send a message to another member, you will first need to Send a contact request.

Once the contact request has been accepted by the receiving member you will then be able to openly communicate via our messaging system.

Bottom right of the screen has a Chat Now box, This will show all members that you have established contact with and allow you to open a chat session with a contacted member.


Flirts are cheeky predefined messages that you can send to any member without having to establish contact.

We recomemmed to use flirts before sending contact requests to see if the other member is interested.

Sending a Flirt...

Member Profile Send Flirt Select an optional flirt

Once the flirt has been sent the recieving member will get notified and have the option to reply with another flirt


If you wish to avoid contact with a member and not have the member know of your presence then you can block them indefinitely.

Blocking a member...

Member Profile Block

To unblock a member please follow the same steps as above but choose "unblock".

View members blocked by you...

Account Home Block Settings Manage Blocked Members

Discussion Board

Our Community Discussion Board is an open forum to discussion, hang out and interaction with other members. Its free and open for every member to post and comment.

Both our spamming policy and misconduct policy also applies to our discussion board and any behaviour breaching those policies will result in account suspension or ban.


If you would like to advertise an upcoming event, party, meet up, swingers etc then please contact our Support Team to organise advertisement in our event sections.

Chat Rooms

Our chat room is a great place to hangout and meet new members. The chat room is open to all members and is free to use.

Chat rooms are open every night between 7pm and 12am EST.

Both our spamming policy and misconduct policy also applies to our chat rooms and any behaviour breaching those policies will result in account Suspension or ban.


If you are advertising or engaging as an escort then please contact our support team if you wish to create an account on Aussie Adult Connect as prior permission is required.

Report A Member

If a member is behaving inappropriately (see our spamming policy and misconduct policy), has illegal content or misusing the site, then we can investigate this and take action. If you feel that the member hasn't breached any rules but wish to avoid said member, then please use the block feature within the site.

To report a member...

Member Profile Report

Spamming Policy

At Aussie Adult Connect we have a zero tolerance policy for spamming, we believe in this policy as it ensures our members have an enjoyable time using our site.

We have automated filters in place to detect spamming and any member caught spamming will have their account suspended indefinitely.

Some of the behaviours we might considered to be spamming are (but not limited to):

  • Sending/posting or displaying any form of advertisement to another product or site.
  • Any form of commercial advertising that isn't approved by our support team.
  • Sending the same or similar consecutive messages to multiple members.
  • Continuously harassing members by form of same or similar content through messages/flirts or community.
  • Displaying email address or 3rd party sites in your public profile.
  • Requesting members to go to 3rd party sites so they can view your images or other content.
  • Exceeding a number of posts in the community section within a set time period.
  • Duplicating or creating similar posts or comments in the discussion board.

If your account has been suspended due to spamming and believe you haven't broken our sites policy or rules on spamming then please visit FAQ - Account Suspended/Banned. (Please keep in mind that we rarely reinstate accounts that have been flagged for spamming).

Misconduct Policy

At Aussie Adult Connect we believe all members should be treated with respect and dignity while feeling safe and secure. therefore we implement our misconduct policy as it ensures our members have an enjoyable and safe time using our site.

We have automated filters in place to detect miscounduct and any member can report another member if they believe they have been mistreated.

Some of the behaviours we might consider to be of misconduct are (but not limited to):

  • Abuse to another member
  • Bullying
  • Race or gender
  • Stalking or harassment
  • Asking another member for gifts or money
  • Missuse of the site or using it for other intentions than what it was designed for
  • Deceit towards other members
  • Attempting to breach or exploit the site

If your account has been suspended due to misconduct and believe you haven't broken our sites policy or rules on misconduct then please visit FAQ - Account Suspended/Banned.

Fake Account

We try our best to find and eliminate fake accounts and always adjust our algorithms to improve detection. Fake accounts are unwelcome at Aussie Adult Connect and any found accounts to be deemed fake will be automatically banned. If you have been flagged for having a fake account, then you can open a case with our support team where you will need to provide evidence and proof that your account is legit.

Contacting AAC - General Enquiry