Holly Hill’s Relationship Contract

Holly Hill’s Relationship Contract is about using Risk Management in relationships as well as business. If the chances of problems occurring are high (up to 70% of men cheat at least once in their lives) and the consequences dire (half the divorcees in the USA cite infidelity as the main cause), then controls are needed to mitigate that risk).

This contract is about discussing everything at the start of relationships, rather than when things turn pear-shaped later on. We often end up investing half of everything we own in our spouse (including our sanity!) and it is important to know each others’ expectations. With open communication and honesty bereft of hissy fits and indignation, a lifetime of love (or love of a lifetime) is possible for all.

Holly Hill lives by her motto “People have as much right to have sex as they have a right not to have sex”. Her phrase ‘negotiated infidelity’ became a household term after guest appearances on the Larry King Show, 60 Minutes and Dr Phil, but she recently retracted the notion, saying it emasculated men and made women feel insecure. After testing the notion for four years and interviewing hundreds of couples, Holly said any arranged infidelity must be the "exception and not the expectation" and reversed the notion, calling it “negotiated fidelity” instead. It’s all about defining a couple's own unique sexual boundaries for their ongoing relationship and is part of the notion of having unconditional love. Holly’s books Sugarbabe and Toyboy received massive media exposure and she is about to publish the third in the series, The Velvet Pouch.

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