Photos & Videos of Playmates – What’s the Protocol?

Mmm, homemade porn!While it’s good fun to do with your partner, what are the rules when it comes to playmates?Do you suggest it?Do you just bring the camera out and start shooting away?And what is the standard procedure for storing or sharing them?

Everyone is different. Some people like having pictures taken, some don’t. Some love video and others don’t. Some people want the photos only for themselves, and others can’t help but share them around. It’s one way of bragging or showing swinger references… or something!Whatever works for you, is not necessarily going to work for others.

There are a couple of things you can do to make it a positive experience for all since that’s what we’re here for.

So if you are the kind of couple that likes taking photos, I suggest always having your camera with you and not relying on others to take photos and have to wait for them to send them as they may not, or may just send you a couple so if you use your own camera, then you get them all.

If you are new to the photo thing and they bring a camera out, you can always ask that they don’t take photos or ask that they don’t get photos with faces in them. I’d suggest that you make sure you get to look at all of the photos on the camera before you leave, that way you can ask them on the spot to delete any photos or video footage you aren’t happy with someone else having.

It’s good etiquette to give a copy of all of the photos taken on the night to the people who are in them. You don’t have to give them the photos that don’t have them in it, it’s your choice but if they ask, it might be nice to.

If you have photos with other people’s faces, keep them in a secure folder on your computer which, means password protected if you can because if your computer breaks down, whoever repairs it might go poking around. I also suggest you call it some very vanilla/plain name that doesn’t have a neon sign attached saying “they’re in here!!!!”So “naughty” as a name is probably not a good choice but you could use “stamp collection” and hope the engineer isn’t into collecting stamps or else they might get a bit of a surprise!

If you are like me, which is a little naughty, and have photos on your phone for posterity’s sake, or to use as little teasers with your playmates, then only use photos that have you in it. If they have someone else (other than your partner), make sure you don’t have faces in them so they can’t be recognised.

If you are going to use those photos on your AMM profile or other profiles, then again, no faces and no identifiable marks such as jewellery, tattoos or piercings. I would also suggest that it would be manners to ask the people who are in the photos first before using them in such a public forum. Even with them being unidentifiable, they may not be comfortable with you using them in that way.

Everything I said above also goes for video!I would suggest that having some other playmates over and watching home made porn that includes playmates who aren’t there, is probably not a good move, especially if they happen to know each other and you aren’t aware. It will also potentially make them concerned when they see your camera out as they may feel that you will show them off like you have with other people.

We have heaps of photos and they are great for remembering those awesome nights as well as being a good teaser between you and your partner, or you and them. We were a little nervous at first but you get used to it and it can be such a turn on!

At the end of the day the best thing to do is ask!After that, it’s doing whatever you can to keep the images and video secure, use it for yourself as much as you like but be considerate of others who may not wish the images to be seen. While you are comfortable, they may not be and you should respect that.

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